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Learning after Doing by Brad Respess

Brad Respess sent a comment along to one of my postings on humility. So, I ventured over to his blog - Learning After Doing - and found a guy who is in sales for a company that processes chickens - Tip Top Poultry.  Here's a guy worth reading on a regular basis.  Here are some examples.

1. He quotes Ram Charan -

"Candor...is a willingness to speak the unspeakable, to expose unfulfilled commitments, to air the conflicts that undermine apparent consensus. Candor means that people express their real opinions."  What a refreshing concept for someone in sales. 

2. He has a sense of perspective and humor.

"Quotes found on my white board:

    * Turbulence from the second floor of a chicken plant.
    * Is your office in a tower? I bet you wish it were on top of a slaughter plant.
    * Innovation comes when the marbles in your brain (rattling from the whole bird chiller below) align to form a beautiful pattern.
    * What's a great day? Completing a deal for 1300 tons of rendered chicken fat.
    * Tyson who?
    * You sell financing for IPO's? I sell rooster saddles."

3.  He is honest and transperant about his own character.

"The consultant and I talked about that being one of my weaknesses-thinking that I have all the answers; being arrogant enough to cut people off and interject, cutting people off and others down."

4.  He is informative on Avian Flu.  Read this.

5.  He gets PowerPoint right.  Here's a recent presentation.

Brad is worth reading because he is a young guy who has an intense desire to learn.   He reminds me of much of what Aristotle writes about in the Nicomachean Ethics about learning through the mastery of skills and discipline. 

I  look forward to learning much from Brad.


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