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March 18, 2006


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[Source: Leading Questions] quoted: Some corporate annual reports are worth reading for more than the numbers.I enjoy seeing how businesses articulate their mission and strategic aims to investors. [Read More]


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IS GE following transnational strategy of international strategy in their organizational structure.

Ed Brenegar

Yes, I thought it well thought out. I don't know how serious or how deep the thought penetrates through the company. We have a GE plant here in my town, and often I ask about these things and they are unaware of what the top brass is saying.

That said, the ideas do have merit. And even if they are presented cynically, as just so much spin, a competitor or anyone who would take these ideas, and put them into practice will find some benefit from them.

I don't worry about whether GE is serious about it. I worry whether I'm serious about my own performance. I hope they will live these initiatives, and develop this new kind of leadership for GE. The benefits of doing so will extend far beyond the reach of their employees and their products.

Thanks for commenting. Your hyperlink is broken. It is I recommend your books often.

David Maister

This does all seem well thought out, but is it really that different from a hundred other strategy presentations or consulting firm models? How do we know from this that Immelt is actually committed to these things, or whether he (like a hunderd other CEOs)knows what he *should* be preaching, but leaves it unclear - maybe unknowable - whether he will really manage (or *lead*) this way.

Is there any way of detecting real commitment from corporate statements of this kind?

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