What is Cynicism from Wilber Caldwell
Public vs Privatized Public Education

Impact Leadership Diagrams

The Impact Leadership series.

The charts below are of diagrams that I use with people to discuss a range of issues involved in their life as leaders and with their organizations.  They are designed as conversation tools.  They are like a map with more information on it that you need, but also information that is helpful in seeing a broader context.  I hope they can be of use to you.  Please get in touch if you have questions. Let's talk about them.

The Circle of Impact.

The Four Questions Every Leader Must Ask.

Why Traditional Strategic Planning Doesn't Work.

How to Make Your Planning Process Work.

How Social Networks Work.

How To Expand Your Social Network.

How Information Flows through a Social Network.

Coming soon, charts on Change; Organizational and Leadership Transitions; how Impact is the new outcome, and how to build greater participation.

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