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Guy Kawasaki interviews Mavericks at Work Polly LaBarre

Conversations ride on the back of questions.  The better questions asked, the better conversation. Here's proof positive. 

Read Guy Kawasaki's interview - 10 Questions - with Polly LaBarre, co-author with Bill Taylor of Mavericks at Work.  Here's a sample.             

Question: What did you learn by writing the book that surprised you the most?             

Answer: I was struck by how unfailingly generous these mavericks were-and by how creative they were in their generosity. One of the big lessons of the book is that generosity begets prosperity. Mavericks are fierce competitors, and they’re always measuring how they’re doing. But they’re also remarkably generous, and they’re always asking how they’re helping. They don’t believe that for them to win, others have to lose. They do believe that spirit of generosity more often than not yields great rewards in terms of connections, opportunities, and of course, personal fulfillment.             

In short, the leader who figures out a way for everybody to win is the leader who wins. The leader with a zero-sum mentality gets zero.

She's right. Read the interview. Good insights.

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