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November 15, 2006


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It's interesting that you mention how the discipline and art of blogging has impacted you personally, for, aside from forming relationships with people, blogging, for me, has the paramount virtue of the Blog Residue.

What you take away with you, from your blogging, when you turn the computer off, and step into the "real world" that is rumored to exist offline.

I feel the same as you. My researching, networking, debating, writing, web design, hyperlinking, videocasting, and a whole slew of other marketable skills have skyrocketed since I started blogging almost 3 years ago.


Hi: Please do take your para. above stating the value you find in blogging and add it to the original I'll be updating the collage over the coming weeks and would love to feature your thoughts. It's at:

Best to you :-).

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