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The Value of Blogging

You are reading a blog, so you must find some value in it.  I'm writing a blog and I do find great value in doing it.

CK at Ck's blog did a bit of polling of bloggers to find out what they found the value of blogging to be.  Here's her report in PDF.  The spirit of her findings is captured in this paragraph.

I see a lot of value attributed to smarts, relationships and growth...not so much attributed to money, power and fame. In a time where marketers are called every name in the book, when findings show we're increasingly at a remove from our markets and articles claim we care far more about money than relationships, it gives me great pride to show the motivations of the marketers in this community--which increases in voices and power every single day. Thank you.

I totally agree both in assessment and in appreciation.

For me, blogging has given me a way to improve how I communicate with people, articulate my thoughts more clearly, and just think better .  I have grown in confidence because of the response from people who read my blog, send a comment or an email.  I'd rather have a conversation face-to-face over coffee with someone, though I wouldn't trade the interaction that I have had with people from across the globe for anything.

UPDATE: CK wrote to let me know that she desires for bloggers to still comment.  Go here to offer your comment on the value of blogging to you.

HT: Jackie Huba

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