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Quick Takes: Another Cue to the Growing Conversation

Quick Takes: Cycle of a Fan

I'm a visual person. I love graphics. I know I'm not an artist, but I like using MSVisioCheck out my diagramsFancycle_2_huba.  They help me think more clearly and in a more integrated way.

This is what I immediately saw on Jackie Huba's posting Cycle of a Fan.

Jackie writes:

Participation is the power source to any energy created by fans. Participation is crucial to the cycle of fandom.

I'm not sure how I would draw it, but participation could be a circle that encompasses everything inside Geno's diagram, with key activities identified that engage fans at every point.

I agree. The line of the circle could begin thin representing a one-to-one relationship, and end wide with many strands representing the many people participating with the person. 

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