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November 25, 2007


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» Talent And The Edgeconomy: Relationships and Context from Bearing Fruit Consulting
I came upon an interesting post today at Leading Questions on what Ed Brenegar calls an emerging culture of business as an Edgeconomy where light beats heavy; open beats closed; free beats paid; and, good beats evil. Ed quotes from [Read More]


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Michael Homula

Excellent post today Ed. You do a nice job of succinctly making some really important points. While I don't know that I would call any of these ideas of Umair Haque "emerging" as I believe most, if not all, have already emerged and been around for a while, I do believe you and Haque are giving us all reason to look at these "emerged" new cultures differently then we once did. These can no longer be considered passing fads as many business leaders chose to look at them and the reality of a very transparent economy is that business must take them seriously and do something with them. Nicely done today! Keep up the great work.

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