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31 Questions: mentoring

31 Questions: ethics

18. What does it mean for a leader to be an ethical person?

Let me state up front that ethics is not primarily about right and wrong. It is convenient to characterize it this way because it actually removes the obligation to be ethical. In other words, keep your nose clean and you are ethical. That is not how I understand ethics.

My friend Tom Morris, a philosopher, writes in his book, If Aristotle Ran General Motors ...

Ethics is not first and foremost about staying out of trouble.  It's not primarily about avoiding problems at all. Ethics is mainly about creating strength, in an individual person, a family, a community, business relationships, and life.

Starting from this perspective what then does it mean for a leader to be an ethical person?

If you see yourself as an ethical person, how do your decisions reflect your ethics?

How does your behavior demonstrate your ethics?

How does being an ethical person create strength in an organization?

Got any examples to share?

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