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January 13, 2009


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Thanks. I added Seth's blog to my reader.

Tom Wanek

You're exactly correct. Beauty is more than the superficial. In Seth's article he mentioned the beauty of the peacock's tail, but he didn't explain what an attractive tail communicates.

The peacock’s tall, bright and colorful tail is a demonstration of strength and endurance. And only the strongest and healthiest peacocks can grow tall, bright and colorful tails.

The peacock’s tail, then, is a signal of being a worthy mate to the peahen. The correlation is that if a peacock is strong and healthy enough to lug around a cumbersome tail, it will have no problem caring for the peahen and their offspring.

The same concept applies to business and marketing. Companies can invest resources other than money. And, these resources can communicate more than beauty. Signaling strategies -- when used correctly -- can be used to gain credibility and trust. Warranties and guarantees are the most common examples we see in business today.

I have written extensively about this subject on my blog

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