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January 15, 2009


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Greg Stielstra

For all our sakes I wish the outcome had been different. Gratitude is the skill we need to learn, while, I fear, staying hungry, which is really discontented progress motivated by envy, is the skill too many have their detriment.

"Better one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind." Ecclesiastes 4:6 (NIV)


Ed it takes a big person to embrace challenge and to keep their integrity intact as they do so. Saying 'thank you' every day is what enables that to happen, grace has a habit of paying its own dividend.

You are inspiring and I'm very glad you're part of the tribe.


True gratitude! Very awesome...

Ed Brenegar

Thank you all, especially you Becky. I agree that the "contest" was about getting out the votes. And the importance of it was "connection." However, I think another thing occurred that is equally significant.
People around the globe connected ideas to action. They supported your idea - Stay Hungry - by creating a companion ebook to Johnny Bunko. Remarkable. My supporters began to turn to friends, family, colleagues, associates, clients and customers and push them into action by saying thanks in voting. Pretty incredible.

I've felt for a very long time that the longest distance in life is between an idea and the initiative to act on itn. We've demonstrated in a little way that ideas matter, and acting on ideas matters even more. This is a key if we are ever translate the values that matter to us into actions that strengthen our world.

As I write this, I thinking about a post on the Heresy of Thanks, an ebook on how to create a revolution of thanks and welcome, and a Change This manifesto on gratitude in professional life. We've only begun to plumb the depths of these ideas. Stay hungry, Becky, pursuing opportunities to be a connector par excellence. It is one thing to network with people. Any extravert can do that. It is another thing to connect people in ways that is both personally meaningful and socially fulfilling. I look forward to staying connected to you for a very long time. Thanks again.

Becky Blanton

Ed, I've said it before and I'll say it again, the real win was getting you into Triiibes. I'm so looking forward to the coming months and your leadership among some of the best and brightest minds on the planet. I hope you'll encourage them to petition Seth for memberships and admission as well. We all have so much to learn from you - me, most of all. You and I both know this wasn't about the "Best" idea - but about who generated votes. Both ideas have their place, but the greatest idea is really "Connection." Thank you for all you have done. Like Seth said, thank you for being so positive, so generous and such a gentleman. Our actions speak louder than our words ever can.


Grateful Becky brought you into the Tribe. Love both of the messages you and Becky shared. I believe strongly that when we share good in the world it comes back to us in unexpected ways. You not only say what you believe with clarity - you live it. Glad to know you.

Bob Poole

Thank you for sharing your generous spirit. I look forward to collaborating with you on Triiibes.



What can I say that hasn't already been said by those commenting prior to me... you have truly "walk the talk" and I am thankful for the role model of a life of gratitude and grace that you are showing the world. You are enriching many lives by the example you have shown.

May your life's work be blessed as so many are to "know" you... thanks to the power of the Web!

Jodi Kaplan

Ed, you are a real mensch (a first-class, gracious person and a true gentleman). I am proud to have you as part of the Triiibe.

Bodo Albrecht

Hi Ed,

As a Triiibster and Becky supporter I was worried about your reaction to the result of this contest. You, too, are "one of us" now after all! And you are more than a worthy member, judging by your comments.

The lesson I have learned from this is that there is, like oftentimes in elections, an element of factions and "tribal" behavior distorting results. Is Becky's contribution "better" than yours? I don't think so. You are both great writers. But she managed to mobilize a larger group of supporters.

I am grateful and touched by the way you took it, and I am happy to hear from both of you that you have become good friends. It's an honor to have you in our Triiibe.


Steven Devijver

Hey Ed,

I haven't been able to comment on your posts in the past week or so. I'm really glad this contest has happened, that Becky has brought it to my attention and that you became part of We simply couldn't have connected without it, or at least couldn't have at this time.

Personally I was a little surprised at what Seth did, but then again the rally that followed is real and indeed amazing. Many lessons learned here too, and the two most important ones are: say thanks every day and stay hungry.

Thanks for all the opportunities you and Becky between the both of you have created for everybody who cared to listen.


Marcos Gaser

Ed, you are a fine person, and a gentleman. I truly appreciate you!


Thoroughly impressed by your handling of the entire contest, Ed. And by your life's work. You have a new fan in me. Gratitude lies at the core of a happy life and healthy relationships. Thank you.

Rahul Deodhar

I must thank Becky for bringing you into tribes! And amazingly well articulated post! Thanks for being on tribes

Matt Barker

Great perspective! Leading by example as usual, Ed. Thanks!

Phil Haussler

Ed - thanks for your grace and humility. I'll be reading.


Ed, you're a prince. It's a pleasure getting to know you.

Megan M.

Ed - you have such clarity and I've been really enjoying your posts (here and in Triiibes). Thank you just for existing, man. :}

Tom Bentley

Ed, you live your words. I say "thanks" back to you.


Well said, Ed ... proud to be your friend and tribe-sister! There is never a lack of things for which to be grateful. Thanks for shining your light on it.

Seth Godin

Of course, the thanks go to you. For being so positive, and a generous sort, and a gentleman. It's good to know you.

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