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March 25, 2009


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Robyn McMaster

Since you mention shift in religious communities, I note a big shift in the music. My son's family attends very large church with many young families, but music has changed to what they enjoy. Something like Pop music rock. It is like being in a big, LOUD, rock concert and if I sing out of tune no one would ever know. Hard for someone who listens to Bach. But I adapt when there, so I arrive a bit late to miss some of the music time. :-)

Alex Schleber

That's a great riff off of Seth's post. I would agree with much of what you say. One also shouldn't underestimate the potential of the human mind to get enjoyment from experiencing "external reality" in effigy.

After all, that is what all thought originally is: "Acting in effigy" (via Fritz Perls).

Just followed you on Twitter too. I view it as a fantastic hive-mind with interesting "social wormhole" accelerators built in.

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