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Quick Takes: Social Media and Organizational Effectiveness

Gurprrietsiingh posts on Social Media and Organizational Effectiveness.

Interestingly enough, when CEOs reach out to me, their primary requests are:

Increase collaboration
Get rid of silos
Improve speed of response/Agility/Flexibility
Information dissemination
Knowledge management

And when I look at what social media has brought to the table, I see an immediate connection.

It is an important connection for organizations to make. How does social media impact the effectiveness of organizations. Just because you Twitter, have a Facebook page and have a large number of LinkedIn contacts does not meant that social media is creating a higher level of organizational effectiveness for you.

I find social media tools of varying value. I find all of the difficult to move out of the meet and greet mode. It is like any networking event. We are exchanging contact info, telling our stories, pitching our business, and most of the time it doesn't go anywhere.  The challenge is to understand the potential benefits of social media and build upon those effects.

For example, I see the three immediate benefits.

1. Greater access to relevant information, especially information that is given a context by a real human being.

2. Greater access to a wider diversity of people who either can contribute to improving products and services, or, who will purchase them.

3. Greater opportunities to collaborate in a more immediate, less costly manner.

The problem with most social media is that it is simply how people interact one to one in a more superficial social environment. The challenge is to use online social interaction for project work. Not just having a meeting where people report on what they are doing away from the online gathering. Instead, being able to work, share files, write, edit and visualize project steps in real time is what needs to take place with social media platforms.

I've just been introduced to a platform that I see has great promise to elevate the collaborate work of groups. It is called Jute Networks and has been developed here in Asheville where I work. Jute provides a way to create a community, start a conversation or establish a work group. Being able to do this in one place is what I like about it. In my estimation, this is the next step forward from LinkedIn, Facebook and Ning.

In the future, organizational effectiveness is going to be built around the structures that provide people better ways to work together.  Here's what Gurprrietsiingh sees.

Just to imagine the impact of a Twitter implementation in the workplace gives me goosebumps!
• The ability to ask a question and have the entire organization available to you to come up with an answer.
• The ability to post news, to announce progress updates, to request for help.
• The ability to seek referendum of a sort.
• To be able to create a space where victories are shared and others can ask how and learn
• The ability to reach out to the one person who you think can make a difference
• The ability to escalate an idea at the speed of light, get an opinion on it, version it through rapid dialog, discuss, re-discuss, and then propose – All of this along with your stakeholders across geographies and hierarchies!

The Mind boggles!

And this is what I see Jute doing as well. We are the beginning of a growth curve with social media. Get involved with it. It is going to transform the way we work. And it could not come at a better time.

BTW, I came across this article from this Twitter post.
RT @eaglesflite: RT @PaulSchwend Interesting article by @JoyAndLife on Org Effectiveness and Social Media. http://tinyurl.com/cjmzsj

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