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The Fall of the Berlin Wall - 20th Anniversary

Life's little pleasures are the best ones

David Pu'u posts on textures in his Ventura, California world. Here's one of his pictures.Two Tree Sentinels - David Pu'u

David also points to this video which celebrates the small business person. Listen to what this man says about his purpose in business.

A comment before viewing. When I started my business in 1995, one of the reasons to do leadership development and planning was to help small businesses and community organizations find strength and sustainability. It wasn't just for the business' sake. Rather it was for the sake of the people who were their employees, their customers, their recipients, for the families and the community. I was convinced then, and remain convinced now that the strength of the nation is not based on what happens on Capital Hill or in the White House, but rather what happens in small businesses on Main Street in cities and towns throughout American, and the world. So, when I watched this video of a guy who sells soda pop, my heart was glad, because he gets it too. Enjoy.

Thanks also to Seth Godin and Kim Komando who contributed to the material that is presented here.

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