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A Difference That Matters

Every person I meet ...

... is in transition

    ... has questions

        ... needs hope and integrity

            ... has ideas that illuminate and obscure

                ... wants meaning and fulfillment in life

                    ... has relationships that either add or detract from a life of meaning and fulfillment

                        ... has a purpose to their life and work that is sometimes evident and often not

                            ... has a need to align that purpose with all the social and organizational contexts in their life.

I am learning that ...

... life is a dynamic,

    ... between our ideas, our relationships and the various contexts where we live

        ... our activities are not always filled with purpose or meaning, but with obligation and duty

            ... the impact we want to have in life is tied to the activities we do

                ... people and relationships are the center of activity for fulfilling our purpose

                    ... that humility is necessary to do collaborative work

                        ... it is easy to lose touch with the big picture and opportunities that come from seeing the connections between ideas, people and contexts.

I know ...

... less than I think I do which drives me to know more

    ... that what I don't know makes a difference

        ... that there is risk in doing nothing as well as acting too quickly

            ... that if we act on what we know that we discover what we need to know

                ... that self-denial is not the same as self-deception

                    ... contentment is transitory

                        ... that life is meant to be lived, and is not a museum relic

                            ... that good work and good relationships feed a life of meaning and fulfillment.

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