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Strategy + Business' Best Business Books 2009

Strategy + Business magazine distributes a monthly email highlighting articles. Today's email had a link to their selection of the best business books of 2009. The selections are divided into categories with a different writer describing the books for this year. Here are the links. It's worth a look. Good stuff here.

The Meltdown
A Wealth of Explanations
by Clive Crook

Means to a Greater End
by Charles Handy

The Capable and the Failed
by Phil Rosenzweig

Western Dominance in Decline
by Ayesha Khanna and Parag Khanna

In Search of the Silver Lining
by Judith F. Samuelson

Branding Goes Viral
by Catharine P. Taylor

Disruption 2.0
by Steven Levy

Unconventional Lives
by James O’Toole

You can find this month's S+B email here.

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