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Just Knowing You Are In Transition Doesn't Mean Much, with a Personal Update

10 Actions that Make a Difference

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We all reach a point where the routine of our lives has bogged into a mindless repetition of the same actions. We can easily begin to feel cast adrift, lacking direction or the motivation to do the things you need to do. This is a sign that we are at transition point in our life and work.

At times like these it is one thing to change our thinking, it is a wholly other matter to change what we do.

Take these ten actions provide ways to break a routine so that new opportunities, ideas and behaviors may emerge. 

1. Write down your thoughts in phrases, especially those that wake you up in the middle of the night. Look for patterns. What gets repeated? Then ask, what change or reaffirmation of a commitment is this pattern of thought leading me to make?

2. Read one book outside your field of expertise and interest. Make at least one application of an insight from the book to your life or work. Share that insight with someone.

3. Write a personal mission statement that only you will see. Write it on a card. Keep it handy. Reflect upon it for a week or a month. Note how the perception of your impact has changed.

4. Write thank you notes to people who have influenced you and did not know it.

5. At a business social event, meet three people with whom you follow up with a meeting. (This idea comes from my friend Meridith Elliot Powell.)

6. Ask clients to make referrals.

7. Write a story that explains to a 6 year old the difference you want to make in your life.

8. Establish a mentor / menetee relationship. It doesn't matter which one you are. It is the relationship that matters.

9. Spend an hour answering in writing the Five Questions that Every Person Must Ask from the Circle of Impact Leadership Guides. Don't spend more than an hour. If requires longer, put aside, and come back to it tomorrow.

10. Take someone you want to get to know to lunch. Prepare two questions to ask during lunch. 

As the complexity of the world increases,

BIG ideas are the small ideas that can be applied in simple, daily ways to make a difference that truly matters.

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