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The Sweet Spot

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The sweet spot on a golf club is where you get the longest drives, the most control, and that feel in your hands of having it all together in one place.

The sweet spot for leaders is changing.

It used to be having authority, control and prestige.

Now, it is having impact.

A leader's sweet spot is found in the alignment of the Three Dimensions of Leadership of the Circle of Impact.

Circle of Impact- simple

The sweet spot of impacting through our Ideas is to move people to action.

It is easy to impress people. It is simply a product of good marketing. However to inspire people to take initiative, to take action requires ideas that translate inspiration into tangible ways to make a difference. The value of inspiring ideas is the action that produces change, not the emotion that desires the change.

The sweet spot of impacting through our Relationships is to expand our influence through collaboration.

Having a large network means little if we can't make a difference through it. This means that we have to think differently about our relationships. We can't be mere acquaintances - a name, a face, and a user profile - with whom we relate only as it matters to our work. We need to be the kind of people others seek out because our relationship to them has an impact upon their lives and the change that they wish to create.

Then there are all the contexts where we spend our days.

The sweet spot of impacting through our Social and Organizational Structures is that this is where the difference matters and is made sustainable.

Our ideas and relationships don't function in a vacuum. When Ideas become relevant to the context of our life and work, they are no longer abstractions. When our Relationships become more than social profiles, we discover that impact is a product shared belief and action in the purpose that brings us together. 

The sweet spot is found when these aspects of our work align to create the impact that we identify in our purpose.

Our sweet spot is our vision for impact.

The clearer our vision is, the more likely that we see the alignment between all these facets of our life and work. Once we see, we can make it happen, and then our life and work can be really sweet.

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