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A Return to Lewis & Clark for the 21st. Century

Lemhi Dawn 12 9-16-04Many of the pictures that I post on my blog posts and at my Facebook page have been taken as I have traveled parts of the trail of Lewis & Clark trail.

From August of 2004 through December of 2006, I published a weblog called, Lewis & Clark for the 21st Century. There I posted on the leadership of Lewis & Clark as the first 21st century leadership team. As the bicentennial celebration ended, I ended my posting, but not my interest.

Now through the encouragement of Joe Mussulman, creator of Discovering Lewis & Clark, I am returning to blog on the story. My latest post explains my multiple purposes in doing so.

I hope you will subscribe to Lewis & Clark for the 21st Century. There will be more there than just a retelling of the story. Their experience will be a stepping stone to an exploration of many themes relevant to where we are today. Please share with your friends and colleagues. I look forward to our discussions.

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