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Listening to the Stories People Tell Themselves

Truth is in the Shadows


In the 1960s, I remember being told not to trust anyone over 30.

Now, we don't know who to trust.

This article about Peter Young, "the jet-setting terrorist", is a fascinating look into the collusion that exists between the media and those who seek exposure for their ideas and causes.

A quote from the article:

"The unspoken conspiracy that you speak of, that exists between journalists and those seeking publicity is very real. If you have a story that provokes—real or not—they have the time. Give them the promise of traffic and a little plausible denial and you’re in. I’ve received tremendous insights from Trust Me, I’m Lying and your Creative Live course. I got to work on The Jetsetting Terrorist the day after finishing the latter. Your point that there is a harmony of interests between journalists and those who wish to hack the media is very powerful, and has proven true."

Here's an example of how this works. Two reports about the same thing. Two very different messages.

Cancer Rates Soar by 6000% Near Fukushima Site, New Reports Show

Why the Cancer Cases in Fukushima Aren't Likely Linked to the Nuclear Disaster: An increase in thryoid cancer may just reflect the intensive testing of children.

Who, then, can you trust when it comes to messages that are delivered by various media, whether newspapers, television, social media or your neighbor next door?

I am convinced that you can only trust yourself.

You have to do your own research, just like a journalist, with your "BS" meters set on "extremely high" if you want to find out what really is going on. Then you have to decide without really knowing whether you are right. This means we must hold fast to our values, and, never buy totally into whatever any person or media is telling us.

As I wrote about Marshall McLuhan yesterday, everything now is marketing and sales. And as one of Seth Godin's best marketing books taught us, All Marketers Are Liars, because they tell stories.

This is the story that NBC and Brian Williams wants to go away because next year's presidential election is an opportunity rich environment for the manipulation of the "news". If you remember as you read everything about the campaigns of the candidates, that every writer, producer and media coordinator involved is trying to communicate a message, not the news, but a message intended to obscure unpleasant realities about themselves and their intentions, and, expose the perceived weaknesses of whomever they decide needs to be put in their place.

Just remember.

Truth is in the shadows.

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