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Where do you find confidence?

Especially, where do you find it in moments of great challenge and pressure?

It comes as a gift from people who care and love us, who believe in us, and see within us something that we don't see in ourselves ... our potential for impact.

If we do not have those kind of relationships, it may just be because we have not shown our confidence in other people.

Imagine a work team where part of your team's discipline is the expression of both confidence and gratitude towards one another. Imagine a work environment where we tell one another that we appreciate the gifts and strengths that they bring to work each day. Imagine the difference this would make.

Here is the key.

We must nurture in others what we desire for ourselves.

Read that last sentence again ... slowly.

If we want confidence in ourselves, we must show confidence in others.

If we want affirmation, then affirm others. If we want understanding, then be understanding towards others.  If we want love, we must love others.  If we want accountability, then begin to hold others accountable.

To do this requires us to be intentional about our relationships. Just don't just float on vague expectations that are unfair and unrealistic. Be clear and intentional about your relationships with others.

Relationships of confidence, therefore, are mutual ones.

We give and share. We receive and give thanks.

We celebrate and we mourn.

It is from this deep richness of life, in all its manifestations, that we discover the confidence to live through life's transition points, to begin new ventures, and, to discover in ourselves that which has been suppressed by fear, cynicism, and, self-doubt.

This one key ...

We must nurture in others what we desire for ourselves.

... is the source of leadership confidence.

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