Quick Takes: Tom Peters on Charlie Wilson's War

First, read Tom Peter's blog post - You, Me and Charlie Wilson's War. Charlie Wilson was a US Congressman from Texas who found a way to fund Afghan freedom fighters war against the Soviets.  It is a great story.  Tom extracts lots of lessons from Charlie Wilson's War.

As I read Tom's post, I realized that you and me have a choice to make.

The choice is one of loyalty. Are we loyal to the institution or the mission and values that give the institution its reason to exist.

This is the crux of what every leader, every professional person must address.  It is choice that confronts us everyday.

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your company?

You have to believe it has value if you are going to give your passion to it. That value is the realization of the importance of the impact that comes from its life as an organization.

You also have to realize that at its heart is a core anti-value of resistance to initiative, ingenuity, creativity and greatness.

So, if you want to be loyal to your institution's values and mission, then you may need to become Charlie Wilson. Scary isn't it.  It's the choice that we have to make.