This word keeps popping up

The word isn't trust. It is consistent.

In a multitude of settings, from a variety of voices this week, I heard people affirming the importance of consistency.

I don't think any of us need a definition of it.

What we may need is a fresh recognition of its importance.

The person who is consistent is dependable and predictable.

When the service is beyond what you expect, being dependable and predictable is a great thing. It builds trust and interest, and becomes a differentiating factor in the marketplace.

If you are consistent, you aren't focused on looking for the next new thing. Instead, you are focused on results. You are focused on making a difference that matters, every time.

There is an internal strength to being consistent that breeds confidence.

It breeds confidence only if you are improving at the same time. Just being consistent and nothing else is not the answer. Rather, being consistent in bringing your A-game to your life or work is.

So, here's a plan for the next week.

Look at your schedule, the work that you have to do, and plan for everything you do to be consistent in one specific and important area.

What might those areas be?

It could be doing things on time.

It could be following-up on contacts and conversations with people.

It could be on the language you are using to describe who you are and what you do.

It could be leaving the office on time to get home for dinner on time.

It could be any number of personal disciplines that you've not been able to master because of a lack of consistency.

Consistency comes from focus and practice, and with it a difference that matters in many ways.

Let's give it a try this week.