Galba Bright - Blogger Extraordinaire - Emotional Intelligence Master Remembered

Galba Bright, a great blogging friend, died of natural causes at his office in Montego Bay, Jamaica on March 31.  His passing is a great loss to the blogging world and to a community of people who were touched by this kind, gracious, enthusiastic man.

Here's Galba's bio from his Facebook page.

I am a self-employed Emotional Intelligence writer, broadcaster,coach and facilitator. My company, Galba Bright & Associates operates Tune up your EQ,one of the top 5 Emotional Intelligence websites/blogs in the world. We deliver Learning Programmes throughout the English-speaking Caribbean and we sell knowledge products throughout the world.

I came to know Galba because he took a little diagram I produced that asked four simple questions, and mastered it like no one else has.  I wrote about his use of the Four Questions here and here.  I also posted on a series of articles that Galba wrote for Steve Roesler's All Things Workplace.

I've spoken with Galba's wife, Sandra about those from the blogging world who knew Galba could help.  She would like ideas for how to take the great work that Galba produced and keep it available to people. In particular, ideas for Galba's blog. You leave a comment here, and she'll get your comments.

When I heard about Galba's death, I was shocked, then saddened, and the grateful to God for the gift of this man to our world. If you life has been touched by Galba, know that, as Galba would say it, "I am blessed."  Try to take a tiny part of what Galba gave and make it yours to give to others. Emulated his humility and his generosity, and Galba will live on the thoughts and actions that we dedicate to him. Peace.

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13 EQ Questions that Every Leader Must Ask - Galba Bright

UPDATE: Here are Galba Bright's four blog posts at Steve Roesler's All Things Workplace blog. Check them out, share them with others. Very good stuff.

13 Questions Every Leader Must Ask, Part I

13 Questions Every Leader Must Ask, Part 2

13 Questions Every Leader Must Ask, Part 3

13 Questions Every Leader Must Ask, Part 4


Thanks Steve.


Questions are our guide to wisdom. They are more important than the answers. Your questions should lead to more questions. My friend, Galba Bright, took my Four Questions that Every Leader Must Ask and asked them on a regular basis. At some point his own set of questions emerged and the result is 13 EQ Questions that Every Leader Must Ask. Steve Roesler at All Things Workplace blog asked Galba to guest write a series of post on his 13 questions. You can read the first post here, and the second post here.

Here are the 13 questions. Go read Galba's posts to gain greater depth on his thinking.

1. How do I behave towards the people that I lead?

2. How does my behaviour impact them?

3. Do I behave flexibly?

4. Is my behaviour appropriate?

5. Do I have a “default behaviour”?

6. Do I need to change my behaviour”?

7. What type of change in my behaviour do I need to make?

8. What do I need to unlearn?

9. How will I let go of the behaviours that I need to unlearn?

10. How do I experiment with new types of behaviour?

11. Who will help me?

12. How will I consolidate what I’ve learned?

13. How do I now behave towards the people that I lead/manage?

Thank you Galba for sharing your wisdom, and Steve for inviting him to do so at your blog.