The Hendrix Experience

Check out Jeff Kallay's  report on Hendrix College's prospective student  program called The Hendrix Experience.

As a father with one son in college, and two more on the way, I can relate to the importance of college and university's creating an experience for prospective students.  During our tour process with our son, we visited eight schools.  The one he selected, Furman University, was the only one that he felt was a "happy" school.  Meaning, the only one where everyone from students to faculty to administration to staff were uniformly happy about being at the school.  And two years into the experience has not changed that opinion.

What strikes me about Jeff's description of The Hendrix Experience is the comprehensiveness of it.  The little touches that make a difference.  Very important.

Having spent 14 years of my career working in academia, the key lesson isn't about recruiting students.  It is about creating an collegiate experience that is seamless from day one to graduation, from residence hall to classroom to community. 

I wonder how many business can create that seamless experience.