All in a handshake

Peter Mello posted this video yesterday of Mark Bowden talking about how to shake hands. I found this so compelling because he speaking about something so instinctive and invisible, yet reveals an insight that can affect every relationship we have in a moment of time. Watch the video.

Mark sees that at the heart of the handshake is the establishment of trust.

Trust is such a key element in success and leadership today.

Trust is an ethical term. The handshake is a form of social etiquette.

I've heard it said that etiquette is ethics in action.

When people come to trust us, we also gain their confidence in us. As a result, our own self-confidence should grow.

Barriers that exist between people can be lowered by simply how we greet them with a handshake. I know there is more to it than that, but it begins there.

Click on the video again and go to YouTube where you can find other videos of Mark talking about how our body language affects relations with people.