Leading Questions Transitions

Leading Questions now Leading for Impact

Leading Questions is now LEADING FOR IMPACT on edbrenegar.com.

On July 4, 2004, my weblog, Leading Questions began. For almost a decade and a half, I asked questions, sought to understand the world, and see its changing character. The blog provided a platform for the Circle of Impact model of leadership, where it’s grown from an idea into a program of leadership development designed for a world in transition.

There are a few ideas that came from our engagement with each other that are worth recalling.

  1. All leadership begins with personal initiative to create impact that makes a difference that matters.
  2. All of us are in transition from where we have been to where we will be in the future. The key to understanding this transition is to be clear about our purpose for impact.
  3. The future will be created by you and me as we take initiative for impact by acting locally on a global scale.

Beginning in 2018, Leading Questions will cease to exist, its posts archived, and a new weblog LEADING FOR IMPACT will begin.

The new blog will focus on material that I have developed for a new venture to take the Circle of Impact model to the world. My first book, Circle of Impact: Leadership for a World in Transition will be published in Fall 2018. A new coaching program will launch for both individual and group coaching clients. And to round out the Circle of Impact program, I will be speaking about leadership and change from the perspective of the Circle of Impact. 

All the information can be found at the new website, edbrenegar.com. There you can sign up for my email list. Then you’ll know before the rest of the world when new posts, coaching sessions and other content becomes available.

I want to thank each of you for honoring me with your interest and time.

Your encouragement and appreciation give me the inspiration to continue to work hard to design a leadership path to the future that each of us can follow with success and fulfillment. I look forward to greater opportunities for us to “take personal initiative to create impact that makes a difference that matters.”

Ed Brenegar