Honor and Recognition - Top 50 Leadership Blog

Honor and recognition are not always the same.  Linchpin headshot

However, from Jon Warner of the Ready To Manage blog, they are.

Jon has honored me by including me in his Top 50 Leadership Blogs listing.

I'm number number #36. Yep, I'm honored and happy for the recognition.

Thank you, Jon. Make sure you visit his blog often. He addresses important aspects of organizational leadership.

Also, check out others who are on the list. Many are people I know, follow and read often. You should too. You'll become a better leader and person for it.

Leading Questions - a Best of Leadership Blogs 2010 nominee

Leading Questions has been nominated as a Best of Leadership Blogs of 2010. Eikenberryleadership_blogs_2010-nom
You may vote once per email address. I'd be most grateful if you'd would vote for Leading Questions.

There are some excellent leadership blogs in the contest. After you vote for Leading Questions - remember to vote all the email addresses that you have - go check out the other leadership blogs. You'll find some great ones like last year's winner Steve Roesler and my Weekly Leader colleague Wally Bock. Also share with your friends and colleagues. Thank you for you vote.