Googling Hero

Mrs Greyhawk of the milblog The Mudville Gazette  suggested that we Google "hero." 

What do you think you'll find?

Four websites: a off-shore oil company, a Chinese film, and a British research gateway, twice.

The Mudville Gazette's posting makes a very interesting point about the Mainstream Media's treatment of the soldiers in the war in Iraq.

Can the everyday American (who hasn't been exposed to milblogs) name a single Hero of this war? No. Why? Because in the MSM's eye's, the epitome of a hero is ...a sports figure.

How is it, the headlines are filled with the casualties of our warriors but having none honoring their heroism? They list them only as a veritable number. And if our warrior should so live thru a ferocious battle committing heroic deeds, they do not even get a mention of their valor.

He proceeds to provide descriptions of six heroes. Read them. Then compare them the heroes the MSM celebrates or at least invests print precious print and air time on. Read about them hold the words "Terrell Owens" and "steroids" in your mind.


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