This is why the sky is Carolina Blue

I get tired of the complaints of people who tell me that life isn't fair or good or perfect. I get tired of people who blame other people for their unhappiness. I get tired of people who live in denial, thinking that some mystical force is going to treat them to a life of peace and affluence.

Life isn't that way. It isn't always fair. People die, and when they do, we feel sad, or even mad. During last March's NCAA basketball tournament, the mascot for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels (my alma mater) Jason Ray was killed crossing the street a couple hours before the Heels were to play a game. He died later.

Jason however was a special person as this feature story on testifies. When he first got his license, he made sure that he would be designated as an organ donor. I hope you are. I am.  Organ donation is a simple gift of life that will change the lives of many people.

Death is an inescapable reality.  It comes too soon for too many people. It comes too soon to people who have squandered their lives and to those like Jason who are on the verge of a long life on impact. 

I have never bought the notion that some people are born to lead and others are not. I always felt that was a prejudicial attitude. It denigrated actions by people that made a difference, but were not valued because they did not carry a title before or after their name.  Leadership is about the character of personal initiative that drives a person to do something that creates an impact that makes a difference. Jason's initiative to be an organ donor was just such an act of leadership. His example as a young man will not only touch those people who received his organs, but also students and their families at Chapel Hill who know about the aftermath of his death. And now you know.

You have find out more about organ donation as the US Dept of Health and Human Services site. All your questions can be answered there. You can sign up here.  You can lead by signing up, and then talking to your family and friends about doing so.  Take the initiative to leave a legacy of life, just as Jason did.