Great Words to Inspire Us for 2010 from Chip Madera

Chip Madera is a leadership speaker and friend of mine. The following came to my inbox from him this morning. I liked it so much that I asked him if I could post it here. After much arm-twisting, he relented (just kidding).

Words for 2010

My life has been blessed by words.  I have traveled all over the globe for almost two decades using words to encourage and inspire others.  There is so much power in words!  Words have the power to transform lives and bring hope, insight and direction in uncertain times. 

So I want to give you 26 words (phrases) to live by in 2010 - One for each letter of the alphabet.  A fantastic 2010 is as simple as ABC!  I wish you favor, blessing and unlimited growth in this new year!  Thank you for your friendship and for being an encouraging partner through the years.  May 2010 be your best ever!

Affirm the gifts and talents of others

Believe in the hope of a brighter tomorrow

Care for those closest to your heart

Decide to get better at something each day

Execute your plans and strategies

Forgive someone who have wronged you

Give twice as much as you receive

Help someone accomplish their dreams

Initiate a cheerful greeting and a smile

Joke around and create some laughter

Kindle the spark in a relationship

Lift someone’s spirits with kindness

Mentor someone with great potential

Note your biggest fear and conquer it

Observe the needs of those around you

Pray for someone less fortunate than you

Quit your negative self talk and think positive

Read something that challenges you to act

Sing a song with all your heart

Touch someone with tenderness and grace

Utilize your highest strengths to bless others

Volunteer with a charity

Work smarter not harder

Xpect the best and prepare for the worst

Yield to wise counsel and seek it often

Zealously pursue your passion and make a difference

Notice that most are words of ACTION! 

Take ACTION each day and accelerate your results in 2010!
Chip Madera, MS, CSP

Thank you Chip for helping us focus on some important action ideas for the New Year.

In addition:

For those of you who live within a couple hours of Asheville, Chip is our keynote speaker for this years' Lessons In Leadership main event on January 21 at the Diana Wortham Theatre in downtown Asheville.  This years theme is Leadership 2010: Accelerating Results in Uncertain Times. In addition to Chip, George Fleming will open up our event speaking on “The Big ‘Why’ in Becoming World-Class”.

It is going to be a great evening. We will sell out the theatre, and the nominal cost of attending, $25, goes to charity. This is our third year of hosting such an event, and we look forward to building on the $17,000 that we've been able to give to local charities.