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Circle of Impact Resources

  • Circle of Impact Leadership Guides
    These conversational guides are tools for helping leaders and their teams think and communicate clearly about their work and the challenges of change in the 21st. Century.
  • Say Thanks Every Day - Five Actions of Gratitude
    These Five Actions of Gratitude builds strength in organizations by shifting the focus to those relational practices that enhance human communication and collaboration.
  • Lewis & Clark for the 21st Century blog
    A decade and a half ago, I became deeply interested in the Lewis & Clark Expedition (1803-1806). I saw in this story leadership lessons that I wanted to share with people, so that they too would travel the trail, and discover this great American story.


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One-Line Bio

I am a Leader for Leaders, inspiring leadership initiative to create impact that makes a difference that matters.


I am a speaker, facilitator and consultant in leadership strategy and organizational vision who lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

My work with leaders, assists them to develop their skills to meet the growing demands and opportunities that they face. This is learning to both think out of the box, and work out of the box.
My role is that of the "intimate outsider" or "invisible hand."

I also conduct visioning processes for organizations. This process engages a large number of people in clarifying the future impact they desire for their group, organization or community. Once their vision is clear, a strategy plan can be easily develop that will guide their efforts. The reality of our time is that you can't sell a vision. You can only incorporate the vision that exists in each persons' mind and heart into one that makes sense.

I am an ordained Presbyterian minister serving in what is called a validated ministry of leadership development and planning. As a result, alot of my work is with churches, but not exclusively so. I've worked with education institutions, charitible healthcare organizations and local governments.

I write a column for the Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times called Real Life Leadership. This weblog is developed as a companion to this monthly column.

I am also the scoutmaster for my sons Boy Scout troop. I'm learned more about leadership from this experience than the all the books, degrees and work of the past twenty years. It is a remarkable organization. And by far, the best system of teaching leadership that exists today.