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July 22, 2007


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A mental shoreline of debris and foam,
line the vast ocean of the unknown.

The image of missional shampoo (or body wash) suggests that something created and bottled elsewhere is the answer. A missional soup or stew might make more sense, as we mix local (stock) ingredients with the spices of ideas originating elsewhere. Besides, I'd rather have a mission which warms and feeds, than one which looks and smells good for a little while.

The treasure store of a library is not what it used to be - now that there are public libraries and internet. Shelves of unread books are more likely to signal an addiction to conquer and possess - even though it's often physical bulk - rather than mental stimulation and growth. (Fat, rather than lean minds.) Seminary professors now warn about our addictions to accumulating books which will never be read.

While I'm on a liminal shore at the moment, some thoughts were seen drifting in through the haze...

Vision is standing on the shore, with a view to the horizon. (Vision can be where relationships and structure originate - or where they go by default. The difference between dusk and dawn.)

Mission is our purpose and industry.

Values are the foundations upon which we build. Strength and depth affect what can be built upon them.

Relationships are the people which accompany us, and provide the interactions and story lines of our existence. They help us build and tear down, and may assist with focus and perspective.

Ideas are the treasures which wash upon the shore, as well as those which we catch with bait and traps.

Organizational structure is the boat which assists in our industry - carrying us to ports along the shore of mission, upon the waters of vision. The power, size, and outfitting of this vessel can be changed.

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