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September 24, 2007


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Jacqulyn Briley

I just by chance happened upon your website. It was really ironic to see the names of Greyson and Funnie Chikopa. I have known them both since 2005. I met them through Greyson's brother James. Greyson and Funnie are 2 of the most honest africans that I have met. Greyson does not attend Chancellor college, he works there. Greyson is nothing like his brother james chikopa who is a minister. I have not been financially able to send Greyson and his family any money for a year now and he continues to write me. he has never asked me for a penny. Where as his brother James i used to send money and help him but God showed me how he was and when I stopped sending him money, he stopped corresponding. Just last year, I sent to Greyson and his wife and children, baseball caps, bibles etc. He just wrote to me and told me "Mom the cold weather is upon us now and the jackets you sent to us a few years ago, we are able to wear. he wrote me last week and informed me that he has a bad toothe that needed to be removed, he boss loaned him the money to go to the dentist. I asked him how much was the cost to remove the tooth out of curiosity and he informed me $26 us. I will surprise him tomorrow on 5-3-10 and send him $36. I take care of a young man in Gambia once a month I send him at least $75 and sometimes $100. He has severe diabetis. So the money is for his food, medicine and tests. So that is why I am not able to send Greyson & Funnie much money. Also, I am retired, by myself and on a fixed income. However, I am truly blessed and I try so hard to return my blessings by helping others, as this is what God requests of us. Greyson and Funnie Chikopa are honest and filled with integrity. They also love and worship the LORD!!
God bless Jacqui I reside in Michigan usa


Hey please contact me as I know Greyson and Funny Chikopa in Malawi.


Hi! I am glad for all that God is doing through you in Malawi!

I live in Michigan, and have been sending necessary supplies to a Preschool in Malawi, for several years.

I would like to do a background checkup on it now, though, so that my dad, etc., who may donate to my cause, may feel more confident that it is a trustworthy Preschool in Malawi.
Could you tell me if you have heard of Funnie Greyson? She says she helps out at this Preschool. Her husband is Greyson. D. Chikopa. He attends the Chancellor college in Zomba. They attend a Presbyterian church.



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