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October 22, 2007


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love spells

I was luckly to find this blog


Thats absolutely great for Christians who are in need of help and prayer, thanks for this service from your Church.


I heard and read a article on The Great Commission I appreciate this Commission for there wonderful service to the people and thanks for this wonderful post.

Ed Brenegar

Dennis, Abraham was called, and his extended family went with him. He went without knowing everything he needed to know. What held them together was their shared faith. The "altars" they constructed, were just piles of rocks, like the Confidence Cairn - Just a visual reminder to them that God was with them in this place. Today our church facilities don't really serve that purpose. Instead, people do. At least, if we allow it to be that way.

I find it a compelling story for our time.

Lela, and everyone, you are free to use it as long as you let them know where it came from. And let me know how to make it better.


I see potential here for focus upon "family" - which I'm planning to do for Advent. The call may include extended family, and may uproot us in the name of mission. The fellowship, unity, gifts, and love are communal aspects which we long to experience and reciprocate.


Thank you for this posting. With your permission, I think I would like to use it for my first-ever officer training in my somewhat conflicted parish. Yep, new pastor, old problems.

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