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February 05, 2008


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Amazing how a sense of the presence of Christ can make such a difference!

I've heard several pastors share about sermon preparation, but this is the first time to hear of a single hour on a consistent basis. How much time were you spending in prayer, and how many were praying for you and for the Church? I know these make a difference as well.

I wonder if we often try to keep God at a safe distance by using the same form each week when we meet for worship. What would happen if we didn't have a sermon, but spent an additional 10 minutes in prayer and an additional 10 minutes in singing our hearts up? What if people were freed to share their God moments? Yet the expectation is that we keep God at a safe distance, knowing what to expect each week (which is probably disappointing to most).

I guess I'm saying the real presence is too often stiff-armed as we try to run with the ball, as we try to keep a predictable routine and get to the restaurants as soon as possible. Like Moses, we ought to turn aside to see what is happening.

I know there are pastors who dig out the same sermon from 3 years ago, and do a quick edit. They are generally in a different context where no one will know. And the congregation dies a little bit each week. If the statistics were available, they would prove that we need an experience of the presence from time to time - preferably each day.

Can there be experience with Christ apart from the Church? I think it's possible, but very rare. Sadly, in many congregations the experience of Christ is somewhat rare and limited as well.

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