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February 03, 2008


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Dave Moody

Thanks, very thoughtful post. Much to reflect upon.

grace & peace


"...we find it easily to think in such a detached manner than we are personally disconnected from reality..."

Amen. This Sunday I pointed out to the congregation that at one time much of my understanding about LOVE came from male country music singers who produced albums 30 years ago. I named the songs, and some of the lyrics (but I stopped short of playing the vinyl albums in my hands, or even singing the songs).

The humility you mention is absolutely necessary. Attempts to reach heaven by our own efforts, or our own knowledge, are bound to fail. We fall into the easy lyrics of "Jacobs Ladder" which suggests we just grab a rung and start climbing - never mind that this was actually a vision, and it was angel messengers going to and fro in the vision (upon the ladder). It's terribly bold and individualistic to think of climbing that ladder for one's own glory.

Too often we domesticate God, making it no big deal to be in the presence of God. This is a huge disconnect from reality!

FYI - I'm told that Donald Miller, in "Searching for God Knows What", also asserts that we have replaced relationship with God for knowledge about God. Also, that John the Evangelist, Paul, and Moses would say that our way of living faith today just isn't meaningful.

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